Our Story

Bumbabae was founded upon a mother's search for real ways of sustainably raising her child. 

Before she founded Bumbabae, Cynthia was acutely aware of how the modern lifestyle of a person takes a huge toll on our environment. And when she became a new mum, she was confronted by her first great dilemma: use disposable diapers and get more sleep and time, or washing reusable diapers that are better for the environment. 

As a person who would cut an old shirt up into scrap cloth, the answer seems simple, and Bumbabae was established to bring attractive reusable cloth diapers to like-minded parents.

And that is until this first-time mum experienced the swift, exponential growth of her little infant in the first year of his life. An infant grows out of his/her clothes within 3 months. Sometimes more, most times less. These costly little pieces of fabric delicately sewn together to keep our babies warm often get kept away after baby grows out of it, or given to a cousin/neighbour/friend. 

Cynthia found herself wondering if there was a better design that could help make those onesies last longer. After-all, no baby is going on a diet. 
After shopping around, looking at large global brands to boutique baby outlets, she found lovely features in different brands, but none having it all together. 

And thus the MagClasp Growsuit is born. A combination of all her favourite features from different brands brought together, the MagClasp Growsuit is an item of great function and form. The convenience and value-for-money it brings is its ultimate selling point. 

Parents face a multitude of decisions a day, and at Bumbabae, all these considerations have been made for you.  The hard work of designing the perfect baby growsuit now done, you are left with fun part of selecting your favourite prints, putting it effortlessly on baby, and marvelling at their growth.
Bumbabae offers you not only well-curated products, but a common understanding of the challenges of raising a child. Bumbabae is here to walk that journey with you. 


This is Cynthia, with the little big reason behind Bumbabae.