Magnetic Clasps: Safe and Convenient

We know, it is new and less heard of for magnets to be on baby clothes. We are here to assure you, that the magnets we use are safe, and might already be part of your daily life.
From the clasps on your wallets, to fridge magnets, and toddler toys - static magnets are safe for everyday use. Read more about it in our FAQ.

Anti-Slip MagClasp Growsuit

Not all Growsuits are made the same. As our babies grow, their needs change rapidly as well. For babies 6 - 18 months, our MagClasp Growsuit also feature anti-slip soles for safe and confident first steps. With all these functions in a single growsuit, no wonder this all-season must have is the favourite of many discerning parents. 

Cardboard Toys

We believe in actionable sustainability. Thats why we stock a range of cardboard toys, that involve parents and child, fosters bonding in the building and decorating process, and then when its all done, returns to the earth by composting, leaving not a single trace of harm, just memories of fun.

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