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MagClasp Growsuits

Are magnets safe?

"In the absence of ferromagnetic foreign bodies, there is no replicated scientific study showing a health hazard associated with magnetic field exposure and no evidence for hazards associated with cumulative exposure to these fields."
Schenck JF. Safety of strong, static magnetic fields. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2000 Jul;12(1):2-19. doi: 10.1002/1522-2586(200007)12:1<2::aid-jmri2>;2-v. PMID: 10931560.

The magnets that are used on the growsuits are common, small, permanent magnets (the largest magnet in the world is Earth itself!)

Permanent magnets have a static magnetic field. They are safe, do not have radiation and does not emit an electromagnetic field. You might already have them around your house. They are often used for fridge magnets, jewellery clasps, on handbags and wallets, and even some toddler toys.

As long as precautions are taken to prevent misuse, the magnets used in our growsuits are perfectly safe and does not affect our bodies or health negatively.

1. People wearing pacemakers should not come close to magnets and our MagClasp Growsuits
2. We have double sewn our seams to prevent the magnets from detaching from the growsuit. However, we encourage caregivers to check the growsuits regularly for seams that might be coming apart. If tears, rips, or loose stitching are found, stop using the growsuit immediately until the seams are rectified and secured. This can be done at a local tailor.

Most of the risk around magnets involving misuse leading to ingestion or pinching.
If you suspect your baby has ingested a magnet, consult your pediatrician immediately.

How do I close the clasps?

Our magnets are made for a right over left closure. Simply take the first set of magnets in both hands and align them, right on top of left, and give it a little upward tug for the rest of the magnets to snap into place.

The magnets don't seem to be working!

Magnets rarely loose their magnetism. With proper use, a magnet can last 10 years or longer. However high temperatures can cause it to loose its magnetism. Always follow our wash guidelines and never wash above the temperature indicated.

Another reason why the magnets might not work, is simply because they have been placed wrong side over. Always remember, right over left.

If you have done that, and the magnet still doesn't fasten, fret not. Static magnets can be remagnetized, simply by placing another magnet in between them. If you encounter this situation, we'll be happy to help you get the magnets to fasten again.

This is one of the reasons why we love the magnets! It will not spoil and can be restored again and again!
On the contrary, zippers and snap buttons cannot do that.

Wash Guidelines

Close all magnetic clasp before washing to prevent the magnets from attaching to the sides of the washing machine.

Our growsuits should be washed cold as much as possible. In the event of stains, an off-the-shelf stain remover can be applied and a 40°C wash can be used when required.

In order to reduce energy use, please line-dry only.
Do not bleach. Steam iron if necessary.

Reusable Diapers

Wash and Care Guidelines

All reusable diapers should be washed at least once before the first wear.

Soiled diapers, especially with solids, should be sprayed with a shataf into the toilet. Diapers soiled only with pee do not require spraying.
Once a diaper is without solids, it can be kept aside in a seperate laundry basket until there is enough for a full load of wash.

Wash the diapers together and seperately from baby's clothes for the first wash. This can be a Quick Wash with half of the normal detergent you use.

Then, the diapers can be put together with baby's clothes and put into a 2nd wash.

They should then be line-dried.

Do not wash higher than 60°C.
Do not tumble dry with heat.

Size and Fit

All our reusable diapers should be fitted according to baby's weight.

The one-size diapers can fit babies from 5kg - 15kg. Simply use the buttons down the front of the diaper to adjust the best fit.